Total wellness includes financial wellness

Financial well-being is the third leg that supports an effective employee wellness program. To truly help your employees, a wellness program needs to include financial well-being.

A financial well-being program helps employees take back control of their finances. It reduces their stress, making them healthier, more productive and less absent from work.

Financial wellness isn’t the only solution – but it must be part of the solution.

We make personal finances fun and understandable

From the top floor to those who clean the floor, our education is relatable and contextual, helping everyone make real change in their understanding and behaviour.

Using a systematic, proven model of taking the employees step-by-step through the learning process, your people are motivated to take action and make a change.

We provide a safe, trusting environment as we do not sell any products and only deliver unbiased education.

We provide the solution that gets your people off the financial treadmill

Many feel like they are on a financial treadmill. Walking or running with their finances everyday but never really getting anywhere.

This increases anxiety and causes a tremendous amount of stress that can’t be relieved by getting on an actual treadmill.

Stress is a silent killer. Personal finances are the #1 cause of employee stress.

Physical Health

Stress causes the brain to release a stress hormone called Cortisol. This causes the body to store more fat around the body, leading to an increase in heart disease and diabetes as well as increases in body image mental issues like depression, insomnia, anorexia and bulimia.

Mental Health

People who are financially distressed are six times more likely to suffer from depression and seven times more likely to suffer from anxiety. This leads to increases in alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse as well as a poor diet and physical activity.

Behavioural Health

Stress can drive a high degree of apathy or aggression. Either way these are not the behavioural traits you want for your employees. When someone is stressed out they are less likely to make the extra effort to take care of themselves and more likely to take the easy route. This applies in their work as well as their daily lives. You are more likely to order a pizza than prepare and cook a healthy meal.

Social Health

Stress has a direct impact on people's level of emotional intelligence and ability to interact well with others. This can put strains on important relationships at home, at work, and cause an even more stress.